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The KidsWellness ™preparations are specifically designed to mask the strong taste that herbal extracts usually have. Since they taste good, they may be given directly into your child’s mouth or mixed in juice of soft foods like applesauce.

Definitely! These products work very well together. The products have either different ingredients or smaller amounts of the same herb, which can safely be added together. You can combine up to four KidsWellness formulas at a time.

Absolutely! Adults (as well as children) should consult their physician if they have any chronic or serious medical condition, or if they are pregnant.

Some products are designed for long-term use. The only products that should not be given on a continuous basis is the Immune and Constipation Formulas.The Immune Formula may be taken daily for up to three or four weeks but then must be stopped for one week before starting it again. It may also be taken for up to five days each week on a regular basis to decrease the frequency of infections such as when a child is in daycare; However, we recommend KidsWellness Family Daily Defense for this purpose. The Constipation formula is meant as an occasional remedy, not to be used more than twice per week. It should be combined with proper dietary choices, and supplements such as minerals and probiotics.

Herbal products are derived from plants and not synthesized in a laboratory. They are naturally balanced. This means that they have the intended effect with a far superior safety profile.

Because herbs are plants, they act like foods in the body. We know from research and experience that some people have reactions to some foods. This means that you should be careful to observe for any changes once you begin any of the KidsWellnessTM products. If any change concerns you, please stop the product and contact your physician.

Glycerin is used in some laxative preparations sold at pharmacies. Large amounts of glycerin may have a laxative effect.

If you know that you or your child have any reactions to any of the ingredients in a product, do not take the product.

Glycerin is added to naturally flavor and preserve the KidsWellnessTM products. We do not add any flavorings (fruit flavors) because many children are sensitive to the flavoring agents and will have reactions. Glycerin extends the shelf life to two years without refrigeration.

Eric N. Rydland, M.D., the developer of these complexes, frequently has used the formulas along with medications in his clinical practice. Since this requires medical expertise, we recommend you contact your physician or pharmacist before self-treatment with combinations of herbs and medications. Consider the following: Does the herb duplicate an effect of the medication? Is the medication essential for your child or can it be replaced with a natural product? If you have specific questions, we will do our best to answer them.

Each person is different and is affected differently by an individual condition. In addition, each product has a different onset or effect. Some products work within minutes while some may take much longer to have the desired effect. Herbs are not to be confused with medications in that they support and nourish body systems, helping the body do what it was created by God to do: work efficiently and in health. They do not suppress symptoms like drugs and therefore do not have the same effect and time frame as a drug. This may take more time in someone who is weaker or less healthy than in a healthy, vibrant child.

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